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Web Hardhat is the only solution you need to take your small business to the next level. Do you think your back office could be more efficient? Are you afraid only large businesses with dedicated IT departments can have custom written software? Are your wanting to stay more connected with your customers while projecting a professional, technical presence? Web Hardhat knows what you are struggling with because we specialize in working with small businesses like you and helping you offer services once thought to only be available to Fortune 500 companies. If any of this sounds good, or just want to talk about an idea you have that will make your business run smoother, Contact Us today.

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Did you come up with your business rules after reviewing an off-the-shelf software package? Didn't think so. We can help your software match your business rather than the other way about and for a lot less money than you probably think is possible. Talk to one of our Solutions Architects today. 

Web Design

How do your customers interact with you over the Internet? Is your website a place to put your phone number and a fancy picture? We would love to help you provide your customers with a professional website that allows them to retrieve their information on their schedule. 


All this awesome new information we're gathering and sharing has to be stored somewhere, right? Our Database Administrators are top notch and work tirelessly to make sure your data is safe and easy to retrieve. Trust us - you want somebody else to worry right along with you when it comes to your data.

Mobile Apps

Are you looking at this website on your phone? Looks pretty cool, doesn't it? A mobile-friendly website is a must in today's market. Nobody wants to keep pinching in and out on your website because it's not optimized for a mobile device. And don't get us started on Mobile Apps. On second thought, maybe you should.

UI Design

Believe it or not we don't only have Coders working here. We have some super creative left-brain thinkers as well. Our UI Designers work with our Software Developers and with you, our customer, in coming up with the perfect software blueprint enabling the user not to have to think in order to enjoy and navigate your site.

Anything Else

Any other IT help you need? Need a consultant to help you when evaluating your technical needs? Web Hardhat's Technology Consultants have 10+ years of IT Project Management experience and would be happy to discuss ways we might be able to help you figure stuff out.


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